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About Us

Want to know a little more about us, well look no further: 

In short, we are real estate investors, veterans and property managers providing other real estate investors, homeowners and landlords with property management and investment services for residential single-family, plexes, condos, town-homes, apartment buildings and HOAs; finally, management that doesn't suck.

We're Investors

As real estate investors ourselves we started with the need to find a property management company that was good at managing real estate, trustworthy and which was knowledgeable enough to know how to drive and increase the cash-flow of our properties and after dealing with many headaches from other management companies we had enough, so we decided to do something about it; que in:

Property Investing

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We can help you find and apply for your next rental home for rent. learn more »



We offer full service property management to owners & investors. learn more »

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G3 Management & Investments

Tenant Resources

We make it easy to pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. learn more »

We're Veterans

Veteran's discount on management services

A debt-free asset backed veteran owned management and investment company. That's right, where most companies are backed by debt which dictates the services they provide, we are 100% backed by real estate assets... we put our money where our mouth is! Real estate. Returns. Freedom. 

Are you in the Military or a Veteran too? Let us know and receive a 5% discount off management services - N.S.D.Q.!

Owner Resources

We take care of your property and make simple to view statements, stats & more. 

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We're Managers

We understand that your real estate is an investment and as such needs to perform, produce returns and essentially help you find your way to freedom. We are licensed real estate professionals and have been managing and investing in properties for over 10 years. We are experts in property management, know the best strategies, techniques and laws to safeguard your investment and use the latest in property management software to help us provide you with transperancy of your asset's performance. 


Agent Referrals

Let us be your partner in property management by referring your client to us. 

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Need a competent property management company... we're here

Need someone to help you analyze your property and market rates, offer advice and give you an idea of what to expect... we're here

Need help with buying and selling your real estate investment... we're here

Need a quick piece of advice or a management tip.. we're here

We are here - and we are experts in maintaining your quality home, duplex, condominium, apartment building, HOA/COA and school housing. 

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