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Maximize your client's potential

Partnerships & Management You Can Trust

Agent Referral

Earn Referrals By Partnering With Us

How Our Referral Program Works

1. Send us your client's information.

​Please ask your client for permission before sending us their details. That way, there's no surprises.

2. We contact your client and assess their investment goals.

We'll review our available management options and make sure they receive a service package that fits their needs.

3. We pay you!

20% of the initial leasing fee. So, if a unit is has a $1,500 leasing fee you'll be paid $300; if it has 2 units which have a leasing fee of $1,500 each, you'll receive $600, etc.

Why Refer Clients To Us?

              Your Client Remains Yours

Your client is yours period! Working with us doesn't mean you'll need to say goodbye to good clients. Let us handle your customers' property management needs & we'll refer them to you for all future sales transactions.

              Turn One Client Into Many

Not only does your client remain yours but, so do all the tenants and applicants which come in contact with your client's property. Should any tenant or applicant decide to purchase a home while connected to your client's property we will refer them to you.

              Keep Your Financial Risks Low

Why take on the additional risk associated with property management, if that's not your area of expertise? Let us do the hard work for you & keep your business protected.

              We Make You Look Good

We're confident your customer will love working with us, because we're committed to providing great service. We offer programs that protect you client such as a Tenant Placement Guarantee, Eviction Protection and 21-Day Leasing. We'll keep them satisfied and make them thankful they listened to your advice.

              Earn Unlimited Referral Fees

Every time one of your clients sign a management agreement with us, you'll net a referral fee of 20% of the initial leasing fee, once the initial Tenant moves in. So, if a unit is has a $1,500 leasing fee you'll be paid $300; if it has 2 units which have a leasing fee of $1,500 each, you'll receive $600, etc.

Refer a Client

Agent Information

Client Information

Did you get permission?

Received. Thank you for your referral, we will keep you updated on your client's status.

Examples of situations which we may help you and your client:

1. After completing your CMA you determine that the seller is underwater on the property and needs to wait for the value to increase. Don't give them the bad news without a solution. Refer them to us to lease the property for a year or two while the value increases and they are ready to sell, we'll keep you updated and then refer them back to you. You're able to give them an option that allows them to pursue their plans, move out of the home, and have their mortgage covered with rent. Your client is protected, remains your client and you get a referral fee from us.

2. You have a listing that is expiring and the seller doesn't want to renew. Give them a solution that allows them to move as planned by referring them to us to lease and manage the home. We'll analyze the property for them as an investment and show them an estimation of what they could expect to receive in cash-flow. When they are ready to sell again we will refer them back to you. 

3. You're working with a buyer that is purchasing property for investment purposes which they intend to lease. Many investors want the cash-flow of rental income without the complexities of managing the tenant relationship. We can help relieve that burden. If your client ever decides that they want to purchase additional properties or sell the ones they already have, we will refer them back to you.

4. You have a friend or client that approaches you about leasing their property. However, you specialize in sales and not property management, refer them to us, we will treat them respectfully and help them maximize their property's potential and distribute a referral fee to you.

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